Dr. Faison

For Dr. Christopher Faison, being a family doctor is about being part of a community, about working one-on-one with families journeying through different phases of life.  He appreciates a job that balances hands and head, and allows him to be present for both special and difficult moments.  He has a particular interest in pediatrics, reproductive health, sports medicine, and palliative care.

Chris grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and spent most of his life in the Southeast and Appalachia, including North Carolina and Virginia.  He and his wife Tracy fell in love with the Pacific Northwest during a cross country road trip in a wood paneled station wagon, their hermaphroditic dog Joey in tow.

Chris has been lucky enough to live and work in some pretty unique places, from Germany to Kenya.  These are experiences he continues to draw upon as we decide locally and nationally what type of health care systems are practical and in keeping with our values.

Since moving to the NW, the Gorge has been and continues to be a special place for both him and his family.  They escaped to the area often during medical training, were married here, and are thrilled to be planting roots here.  To Chris, the place is a living story, a beautifully illustrated reminder of a much bigger and longer timescale and our place in it.  He looks forward to having his arm twisted into many long hikes as well as to learning some of the many new pastimes the area has to offer.